Wednesday, July 8, 2015

MARIANA DAPPIANO: The Creative Stamps Fashion Designer

I am Mariana Dappiano, Palermo designer, from Buenos Aires.

My first collection was launched in the summer of 2001, from a recycled house located at the heart of Palermo Viejo.

My collections have had, since their begginings, a distinct seal: That being a specialization in the combination of textiles and textures. With these two elements, and the addition of the value added by creativity of innovative designs, I am able to create exquisite works.

I never doubted that I wanted to be a designer, yet I do not remember the first time that I considered it. I knew that I wanted to design things before I knew the career existed. I then studied at UBA and learned much by working my first years.


My day to day is in itself a learning experience as I have been lately been living the experience of owning my own company. I am always seeking to create new things that pose aesthetic challenges.

My work is characterized by textiles, textures and colors, where one can clearly see the varying themes in each collection. The result is the use of fabrics in simple clothes that structurally complex.

Generally my collections can be combined with a wide variety of my other products, generating a relaxed but organic silhouette that highlights a woman with style and personality regardless of age. 


I have breakfast with my family and generally devote the first two hours of my day to myself. I spent a great part of my day at my studio in Palermo designing alongside my team and exchanging ideas with other colleagues. There is always time to respond to interviews or highlight my brand.

I typically devote the last two hours of my work day on wedding dresses or custom fitted clothes. I then finish my day by spending time with my daughter or friends.


Since I opened my business in 2001 it has been largely self-sustainable. I have also obtained certain subsidies that have allowed me to grow and expand.


I place a lot of emphasis on dresses that have panaut stamps, made with gauze or jersey, as well as coats stamped matelasee or jacquard with lurex and combined shirts.

My collection refractado, is inspired by fractals and borrows not only their abstract variances, but also the different aspects found in nature.



My strong point is combining different stamps. As a designer I ensure that they have similar color pallets, and that certain elements are shared by both pieces of clothing.


I am always trying to create new things that pose new and challenges, both aesthetically as well as from a technical standpoint. My brand is characterized by its work in textiles and the themes of each collection are clearly visible through the use of my fabrics and textures.


LEGACY: What advice would you give to an aspiring artisan?

I would advise any aspiring artisan to first work for a large corporation, to make mistakes and to learn how to work in a team. Afterwards, to stay true to your own ideas and style but to also be flexible and accept your mistakes. 



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